Therapeutic massage

We offer a revitalizing massage that has been created to use different modalities to address stress in the body, mind, and spirit. May incorporate Swedish, triggerpoint, reflexology, and aromatherapy (if requested or needed).                                                                                                             $80.00 BOOK NOW


Hot stone massage

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy from polished basalt lava stones — great to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.         $105.00 BOOK NOW


Deep tissue massage

This deep tissue massage helps loosen tight muscle tissues, releases toxins from muscles, and increases blood and oxygen circulation. Note: This is a therapeutic massage using deep pressure and may result in soreness post-massage.                                                                                 $90.00 BOOK NOW


Couple's relaxation massage

We offer a couple's massage that has been created to apply different modalities to address stress on the body, mind, and spirit. Service may include: Swedish, trigger-point, and aromatherapy (if requested or needed).                                                                                                                                     $180.00 BOOK NOW


Sports massage

Sports not only benefits athlete but other people who suffer from chronic pain and restricted range of motion. Sport massage helps alleviate pain, stimulate circulation and enhance performance.                                                                                                                                                                              $95.00 BOOK NOW


Pregnancy Massage

A specialized massage performed by a certified prenatal massage therapist which promotes relaxation of the muscles that are experiencing extra strain from pregnancy. This massage creates a peaceful state of mind for the expectant mother. This service is recommended on women 12 weeks into term until delivery.                                                                                                                                      $80.00 BOOK NOW